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The evolution of the 3D space

Welcome to the 3D art gallery made by John Ma and Jessie Ong with more than 5 digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. We create futuristic 3D models, animation as well as motion graphics using Maya, After Effects and C4D. Now available on OpenSea. 

Collectible 01

Steampunk Orbitron

The future of transportation in cyberspace. 

Steampunk Orbitron is a three-dimensional visualization of famous concept artist Johnson Troung's piece from 2015. Truong designed the Orbitron in 2D with parts captured from 6 different angles. 

As we enter a new phase of the Metaverse, the Orbitron becomes the epitome of what is possible in this virtual reality. Vehicles will no longer be subjected to gravity and other physical restraints of the real world. 

As if it is meticulously crafted by robots in a seamless assembly, or powered by some mysterious dark matter, the Orbitron is a translation of the boundless imagination that we embrace of the Metaverse. Nothing screams speed, durability and maneuverability, more than a reliable means of transportation like Truong’s design - now realized in 3D. 

Modeled by Jessie Ong

Collectible 02

Jordan 1 Retro High  

A tribute to Virgil Bloh


Reminiscing the iconic fashion designer Virgil Abloh's most anticipated Off-White x Air Jordan collection, created in 2017. 


Nicknamed the “10th Edition", this pair showcases the original Chicago colorway, embellished with the iconic varsity red, white and black palette. The 10th Edition is unlike any other Jordan 1 retro high’s. Distinguishable details include the white, red and black-based deconstructed leather flaps by the shoelaces. They pair is accompanied by floppy ankle collars with the number “85” hidden on the inside, as well as a single off-centered Swoosh on the lateral side. To truly reflect Abloh’s touch, the word AIR is written in quotation marks on the midsole, and SHOELACES in the same manner on the shoelaces. Hence discarding the need for any more branding on the tongue. 

Modeled by Jessie Ong

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