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Creative Strategist 

Motion Graphics 

Jetson is a voice AI platform for commerce. It enable your customers to order anything by simply speaking to a smart speaker or mobile device. With Jetson's intelligent voice commerce platform, our partners can offer their customers a frictionless buying experience; enabling you to sell more, faster.


  • Designed and coded an animated website for Jetson with HTML and CSS

  • Created the prototype of the Jetson app which resulted in 3 million of funding 

  • Coordinated user experience research and usability testing to evaluate the design for Voice User Experience (VUE) between Jetson and customers

  • Using the collected data received from engineering team and market research to define user model, user interface and user experience

  • Filmed, edited and produced successful promotional video for Jetson in AfterEffect

Press Source:​ BusinessWire,CrunchBase

Motion Graphics 

Filmed, edited and produced a 23 seconds motion graphics which resulted 3 million of funding in Jetson

Website Promotion Video

Filmed, edited and produced a 5 seconds display of animated iMac for promoting the launch for the MVP website. 


Future of voice conversational commerce

Future of voice conversational commerce

2D motion / Content Strategy / Video production

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